Our Story

HI-IQ Tutoring is the brainchild and dream of our founding director, Ms. Tamara Jenkins. Ms. Tamara has been a huge believer in early childhood education her entire life. She has personally seen the struggles that some children have trying to make the jump from their home environment into the kindergarten classroom.

Back in 1998, Ms. Tamara was living overseas, a military spouse and stay-at-home mom to two preschool age children (Devin and Christyn). Although there was a lot of love in the family, their finances were tight. Every day after breakfast, Ms. Tamara and her children would work on skills to get them ready for kindergarten. She knew that she wasn’t the only mom out there who wanted their children to be fully prepared for school, but she didn’t yet know to realize her little dream of building a preschool alternative.

As her children grew up, Ms. Tamara began to teach in the private sector, DODEA, and Air Force and Army preschool alternative programs right up until 2012. When her family settled in Hawaii, she soon realized that there were no kid-friendly education enrichment programs in Central and West Oahu. Cutbacks in the Hawaiian school systems meant that the Jr. Kindergarten programs would no longer be available to families on a tight budget. Ms. Tamara decided to take action and finally make her dream into a reality!

At first, she started tutoring only four students in a morning session, which quickly grew into a second session. Year after year, her preschool alternative business expanded until she decided to open HI-IQ Tutoring. Here, Ms. Tamara and a team of talented and dedicated teachers could help both preschoolers and their parents transition into full-time schooling, with a specific focus on kindergarten readiness.

If you’re looking for kindergarten school readiness classes or primary tutoring (K-3) in Central and West Oahu, you’ve found your program! We have student enrolled from Kapolei, Ewa Beach, Kunia, Waipahu, Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, and even the Aiea and Pearl City area of the island. We count all of our Pre-K students and their parents as part of our family at HI-IQ, and will do whatever we can to prepare them for the challenges that await them in kindergarten and beyond!