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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

One of the biggest moments in the life of a parent is when they send their children off to their first year of school. It can be both wonderful and nerve wracking. They might be asking themselves, “Are they ready? What if the classroom moves too quickly for them? Have I done everything I can do to prepare them? Is there anything I can do to help?”

There absolutely is.

Moving from a home environment into the classroom can be a huge shift for small children. In recent years, both schools and kindergarten teachers have begun to put an increased focus on academics, at the expense of the social side of school. This has created a large gap for many children who are entering school for the first time.

Instead of learning how to navigate the classroom and their relationships with the teacher and other students, they are instead thrown straight into the deep end of academics. But there is far more to thriving in Kindergarten than reading, writing, and math skills! What can we do to help small children transition from their home life into their first year in the classroom at Kindergarten?

Enter Kindergarten readiness classes!

How We Can Help with a Preschool Alternative

At HI-IQ Tutoring, children are given the opportunity to adjust to a classroom environment through small class sizes and group tutoring sessions. Here, they will be able to learn to socialize with their peers, interact with their teachers, how to follow directions, take turns, collaborate with classmates, and work independently at their own pace. With scheduled classes and programs, you can simply drop your preschooler off, secure in the knowledge that they will be in a safe environment where they can learn everything they’ll need for their first year of school.

Through our affordable school readiness classes, workshops, and tutoring programs, we provide a preschool alternative for children, offering real opportunities for growth and learning. Our preschoolers aren’t just learning their numbers and letters; they’re already working on sounds and reading, along with telling time, counting money, and completing math problems! We’ve also recently added a number of tech elements, such as child-friendly tablets and a multi-touch table, to our lessons, to help prepare our students for the schools of today (and tomorrow). Our seasoned teachers, small class sizes, and personalized learning plans provide just the right balance for early learning success in Kindergarten and beyond. Give your children the boost they need to excel in kindergarten and elementary school with HI-IQ Tutoring!

What is a Kindergarten Readiness Class?


Requirements for Kindergarten have changed drastically over the years which has created a large gap for many children entering school for the very first time. Because a greater demand has been placed on the academic side of Kindergarten much of the time children would normally spend being introduced to school and learning how to navigate the classroom has been replaced with instruction. Kindergarten readiness classes provide an optimal structured environment and routine that bridges the gap between a child’s home life and their first year of school. Through our small classes and group tutoring sessions children are given the opportunity to socialize with their peers, interact with teachers, learn how to follow directions, take turns, work with classmates and independently in a classroom setting at their own pace.